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Brand narrative

Marfil is a manufacturer of high-quality FULL BODY VITRIFIED TILES for both residential and commercial applications. We want to make an architect's vision a reality. Marfil, a major tile producer in India, specialises in high-end vitrified tiles of worldwide standards. Marfil has been a leader inthe production of FULL BODY VITRIFIED TILES for over 18 Years. Marfil has an everyday production capacity of over 15,120 sq. mtr. of tiles, thanks to ou r state -of - the -art manufacturing site in Morbi, Gujarat. Our production operations are well -supported by a specialised R&D centre that maintains us on the cutting edge of technology

Renovating, with simplicity and practicality, to invent different quality finish of tiles scenarios that create rich personality. Urban design that merges minimalism and practicality. A collection that interprets these requirements to create an optimal urban furnishing solution.

Solutions for
architecture without limits.

Marfil Tiles are ideal for covering any surface: thanks to its Full Body, ease of installation (cutting, drilling, grouting, etc.) and maintenance compared with traditional ceramic tiles, our full body tiles are especially recommended for installation on floors and wall coverings, in residential and business settings, both interior and exterior.

Through applications that take advantage of the structural features of the tiles in terms of solidness and size, it is possible to revamp the interior walls and floors of any building, ensuring their correct thermal insulation and a distinct aesthetic improvement.

Prefer durability
over looks

"Live with nature, Live with materials, Live with Marfil."

Paths and driveways all finished with a single surface. The natural colours and regular geometric shapes gives superior look to your every spaces.

The sustainable
Lightness of matter.

In this innovative Full Body Vitrified Tiles, we use materials that combines the established, classical characteristics and making a top of the range porcelain stoneware, with new advantages and high technical performance: lightness and versatility